NEWP’s Creative, Interactive In-Store Beverage Stadium Displays for Super Bowl Become Permanent Sales Vehicles for Driving Anheuser-Busch Sales Across the Country; Executes on Fast Turnaround


To drive more sales around the Super Bowl with a highly innovative in-store beverage display that is very creative and eye-catching.


Innerworkings, a marketing execution services company, and client Anheuser-Busch InBev (Budweiser) were looking for an innovative, high-tech POP design and display to put in liquor stores across the country themes to the Super Bowl in 2014. The product needed to stand out in a very competitive retail environment that will be saturated with other displays marketing the same sporting event.

The partner came to NEWP with a very tight turnaround time that was set and something substantial (not corrugated) that could be used for other upcoming sporting events.


New England Wire Products was tasked with creating a hi-tech display for the company’s beverage cases that would portray the excitement and feel of the upcoming Super Bowl. Multiple design concepts where submitted that portrayed the “energy” of a championship event. Multiple materials and graphic elements were all considered to bring to life a unique branding tool to promote the customer’s beverages and container sizes.

The final design resembled that of a stadium, complete with trusses and graphics that could be easily swapped out. In addition, NEWP added electric elements to attract the customer – integrated LED lighting and backlight box, and crowd noise complete with a motion sensors. They also included graphics to educate the buyer on the product and event and could be easily changed.


Anheuser Busch initially needed 500 racks but was so pleased with the uniquely designed display that they ordered over 6,000 racks to be manufactured and distributed to liquor stores across the country, all within an 8 week timeframe. Unlike its competitors, NEWP’s agile production capabilities were able to promise and deliver on this demanding set date for “in the field” use. Due to the aggressive timing for project implementation, R&D was based on all “in house” manufacturing so NEWP could control the entire manufacturing process for a turnkey solution with lightning fast execution.


NEWP’s high tech stadium racks were utilized across stores across the country for the primary display of the company’s beer products. Anheuser Busch was able to partner with sport entities such as NASCAR, NBA, MLB and the NCAA as well as the NFL, which was the initial goal. The same racks were used for two Super Bowls, one Stanley Cup, NASCAR events, three NBA finals and two March Madness events, as stores were easily able to swap out needed graphics.

Due to NEWP design offerings and out of the box direction, the project’s goal of a one-time seasonal marketing event grew to include sporting events throughout the year and transformed into a flexible sales vehicle that could be used more permanently. NEWP quickly became the sole provider moving forward as the project evolved to include other brands and events. Graphic packages were offered for different brands and events that prolonged the display’s life span and these racks are still being used three years later.