Leading Retailers Use NEWP’s Custom Front End Check Stand Merchandising Design to Lift POP Sales


To more effectively utilize front end fixturing to increase point of purchase sales.


Across the nation, leading retailers seek to redesign their checkout aisles to increase point of purchase sales and maintain pace with the marketplace’s changing trends. Former checkout display units had limited space and flexibility and lacked an effective visual impact at a store level. With this, NEWP’s leading retail customers sought a flexible custom display that they could easily move and position around specific floor plans and checkout footprints. Each retailer wanted a visually appealing product, one that would blend in with their current store look.

All retailers required on-time delivery and assistance in educating onsite teams that would be responsible for changing the rack displays and layouts.

With its prompt delivery times, exceptional customer service, and cost-effective, custom front end solutions, New England Wire Products met these customer requirements and expectations.


For each leading retailer, New England Wire Products designed a main frame capable of mixing and matching with different accessories and varying in size to accommodate large and small aisles. Some frames were on wheels which allowed store managers to easily move the displays around the store. NEWP’s custom displays allowed retailers to switch out graphics and advertisements for new promotions and changing seasons with ease. Each retailer had its own requirements and expectations for its shelf management systems, prompting NEWP to provide a variety of solutions to its customers, including light features, interchangeable graphics, and size-flexible shelf-management systems.


NEWP built each display unit to meet the individual customer’s specifications with manufacturing materials ranging from wood, wire, metal and plastic. All of these units were assembled and distributed under one roof. Due to the variable size of the display units, each project had specific packaging requirements to ensure proper, safe delivery and transportation. All units were delivered ready for the retailer to simply unpack the display, position it in the store, and stock it with products.


Over the past 3 years, NEWP has become a trusted partner of retail businesses, providing over 10,000 racks to retail locations across the country. NEWP’s custom, front end merchandising fixtures easily integrate with stores’ existing queue while the display’s flexible and portable capabilities contribute to retail stores’ impulse purchases at checkout, customer engagement and Return On Investment (ROI).

NEWP’s 100% domestic manufacturing capabilities allow it to offer the most affordable prices to its customers. In addition to this, NEWP’s dedicated sales and support team provide superior customer service, ensuring that all projects meet customer delivery deadlines and expectations from the design stage to the store implementation stage.