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Front Load Containers

Our versatile Front Load Containers are available in Flat Top, Slope Top, and Cathedral styles. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial waste handling, our containers are tailored to your needs. NEWP ensures compliance with ANSI Z 245.30-2008 standards, includes safety-engineered load ratings, and provides reliable shipping solutions for our products, including long-distance options.

All of our Front Load Bins have optional industry-leading spray-on liners, offering biosecurity and resistance to rust, acids, and alkaline solutions. These liners boost durability, increase fire resistance, and promote sustainability. Browse our Front Load Containers below to discover your ideal waste handling solution.


Cathedral Containers


Slope Top Containers


Flat Top Containers

All of our industry-leading containers are designed with safety and quality in mind. Our containers feature rounded corners for added strength and interchangeable lids between 4yd containers. With a full skid and quick-disconnect castor pad, these containers are easy to move and handle during emptying processes. Plus, our containers have a safety-engineered load rating and EMW ANSI Z 245.30-2008 compliant manufacturing tag. 

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